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Wine Experiences

In 1908, the Appellation of Origin Dão was the first Portuguese region of non-liqueur wine to be delimited and ruled. The peculiar soils and climate are the basis of a “terroir” responsible for the production of unique wines with a very own identity and complexity.

Wine Tasting at Casas do Lupo
Discover the wines of Dão region and what makes them so special. Get to know grape varieties such as Touriga Nacional and Encruzado through an intimate and personalized wine tasting session with the experienced winemaker Patrícia Santos.
Location: Casa do Lupo
Winemaker: Patrícia Santos (www.patriciasantos.net)
Service: Winetasting experience of Dão Wine
Nº people: Minimum 2
Casas do Lupo Vs Caminhos Cruzados
The passion for Dão´s wines links Casas do Lupo to Caminhos Cruzados.
With the opening of the new winery in Quinta da Teixuga, in Vilar Seco, Caminhos Cruzados also stated a large investment on the Wine Tourism, opening their doors to whoever interested on the art of wine making in the region of Dão.
Casa do Lupo offers you the following wine experiences that will definitely enrich your stay:
  1. From the Vineyard to the Wine (lunch included)
  2. Winemaker for a Day (make your own wine)
  3. Vineyard Vintage experience Casas do Lupo/ Caminhos Cruzados (3 days/2 nights experience only available during a specific period of the year)
Location: Quinta da Teixuga, Vilar Seco