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Culture and tradition

Besides its architectural and landscape heritage, the Upper Beira region is rich in culture and tradition. We are talking about art, history, archeology, festivals and pilgrimages, writers and poets...

National, municipal and local-level museums where you will find a variety of great painters and sculptors, prehistoric objects, full-scale and miniature cars and ethnographic treasures – the Grao Vasco Museum (Viseu), the Caramulo Museum (Caramulo), the Manuel Soares de Albergaria Municipal Museum (Carregal do Sal), the Miniature Automobile Museum and the Abel Manta Museum (Gouveia), etc.

Be sure to visit festivities brimming with life and colour featuring ancestral traditions such as the Canas de Senhorim and Cabanas de Viriato Carnival, the Dao Wine Festival, the Canas de Senhorim Medieval Fair, the festivals of Saint Anthony and Saint Catharine in Lapa do Lobo and the Saint Matthew Festival in Viseu.
Appreciate the local handicraft with traditional embroidery, woodwork, cloth cots…

Also take the time to delve into works by several different authors from the Upper Beira region including Aquilino Ribeiro, Vergilio Ferreira, Antonio Lobo Antunes, and Maria Natalia Miranda, among others.

Take advantage, watch and participate while comfortably housed at Casas do Lupo.